Bench press could be a great tool in your training arsenal to attain overall breast aesthetics and strength. However, it’s some disadvantages, such as putting an excessive amount of burden on your delt, which might increase the danger. injuries in people with low shoulder quality.
In order to achieve pure stimulation of the body part muscles, we’ve got compiled a listing of four exercises that may eliminate the need for a bench and help you attain new chest growth as you’d have not imagined.

These exercises will bring you the range of essential training that may help you to stimulate the chest muscles from totally different angles. As soon as you add these exercises to your educational program, we have a tendency to guarantee that you can begin having a thicker and thicker chest very quickly.

1-Push Ups

Push Ups CS

Pumps are the ultimate exercise not only for the development of pec, but also for the most basic building of body strength. It also serves as a reference for assessing the overall fitness of schoolchildren and soldiers.

You can make it a bit more difficult by doing it with a medicine ball or by placing your feet on a higher ground to touch the upper chest. Begin the movement with the arms slightly wider than shoulder width and lower to the floor until the triceps are parallel to the floor.

2-Parallel dips

Parallel dips CS

Dips are one of the most basic, simple and effective movements. Go to a soaking station, grasp the bars on both sides on both sides and place them a little farther than the traditional triceps soaking handles.

You must tilt the body down, not up, to better target the muscles of the chest. All parts of the chest will be targeted during this movement.

3-Landmine press

Landmine press CS

This very simple and fun exercise aims primarily to stimulate the upper part of your pecs. To have the right body position for this movement, place a classic Olympic barbell in a corner or, if your gym has one, an anti-personnel landmine attachment.

Then place weights on the other side of the bar. Grab the loaded part of the bar with one hand, place it at your shoulder and, while standing, press the bar up.

This will particularly stimulate the upper part of the chest. Learn to do the antipersonnel mine press step by step here.

4-Svend press

Svend press CS

The Svend press is a unique exercise because it is performed with a plate and not with a bar. To do this, you need to stand up, hold a 45-kilogram plate at the chest and press the weight in front of you with both hands while you focus on the pressure on your chest.

Put the plate slowly in the chest. He is a representative. This type of press will help you to better separate the internal part of the muscles of the chest.


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